You know you want to remodel your kitchen, but where do you even start?

Design with Function in Mind

A kitchen needs the functionality that fits you and your family’s needs. If the kids spend time at the kitchen counter doing their homework, give them enough space to spread out. If you cook for a crowd, a French-door refrigerator may be a good investment because it’ll have more room to stow large items than a side-by-side model. Recognize what suits your family and functional style before you pull out your checkbook – or the sledgehammer.

Go Bold

But, go forth in moderation. If you love bright yellow, the kitchen’s a cheerful place for it, but not in a refrigerator finish. Stick to neutrals for large items that you’ll have for a while.

Plan for the Future

Think about what you would need from your kitchen in the next five years. Do you have kids that will be teenagers by then? Will you be expecting grandchildren? Plan accordingly to make sure your choices now suit your needs and lifestyle, in the long run, to avoid having to remodel again because your current kitchen remodel will not be ideal in the future.